What is the use of Indcare safety shoes?

Safety shoes find application in heavy industries and labour intensive working conditions, where staff is susceptible to injury. In industrial, construction and chemical sector, there are several physical hazards such as falling of heavy and sharp objects, hitting on machinery, slips due to oily or wet floor, chemical splashes etc. Safety shoes offer protection from such calamities as they are engineered with special safety features.

How are Indcare safety shoes different from regular shoes?

Indcare Safety Shoes are different from regular shoes by design, engineering and material used to ensure safety. A steel toe is the cap is positioned below the upper front part of the safety shoe that protect against impacts and compressions. The sole is designed to offer higher grip, withstand penetration of sharp objects and bear heat. Regular shoes do not have these features, they are created for regular wear and tear.

Does the size of safety shoe differ from regular industry standards?

No, the size standards are the same in safety and regular shoes.

What is an average lifespan of Indcare safety shoes?

The lifespan depends on work conditions - Type of walking surface and environmental conditions workers may be exposed to such as loose ground cover, smooth surfaces, temperature, wet/oily, chemicals, etc. In construction and chemical industries, the lifespan is not so much as assembly line and heavy industry.

What are the highlights of Indcare Safety Shoes?

The designing of Indcare Safety Shoes goes with the idea

Right Approach + Right Tools + Right Protection = Total Safety

Indcare Safety Shoes features following highlights

  • Padded Shoe Collar
  • Breathable Lining
  • Shock absorbing sole
  • Anatomic Heel Sock
  • Anti-Slip Sole
  • Steel-Toe Cap
  • CE Approved
  • Oil Resistance