Brand- IndCare

Observing leading industry standards in shoe manufacturing is the first step towards ensuring safety, reliability and comfort. Indcare by Mittal Safety Works offers a wide array of quality safety shoes and work boot suitable for the construction industry and many other industrial settings. Our products are all about quality and best customer experience starting right from "out-of-the box" approach to ensure acceptance and extensive usage. We manufacture safety products under IndCare™ brand and supply these products with a focus to serve multiple industrial safety needs. MSW has built a strong supply network throughout India and abroad to provide our customers unparalleled service.

The design, aesthetics and security considerations goes into the making of Indcare Safety Shoes, thereby offering complete security to industrial, construction and labour workforce. We engineer a range of Industrial safety shoes, and they find application in heavy industry, construction site, assembly line, and so on.

Here’s what goes in to engineering of Indcare Safety Shoes:

                                                         There is a whole range of engineering that goes into the making of Indcare Safety Shoes. The making of the shoes                                                                           ensures that a strength, comfort and durability is well taken care of.

  • The shoe is designed to provide natural grip and hold the insoles in place. Full Length Contoured Insole Cushion provides targeted, controlled and consistent    cushioning.
  • Offering Excellent long-term mechanical properties along with light weight material of Polyurethanes (PU) Sole makes the shoes ideal for hardwearing work          environments.
  • Low-density to compact polyurethane systems are utilised for mid-soles and outer soles bringing Anti-Slip & high Abrasion Resistant properties.
  • Preventing the build-up of static electricity or reducing its effects a Steel Plate (optional) can be placed in the shoe as per the requirements of the order. It              brings anti-static features, which are suitable for putting in place a non-contact process while working in high voltage power source environment.
  • Through an injection method, the sole of Indcare Safety shoes is moulded directly onto the lasted upper. A Direct Injection Moulded Sole bring durability,    flexibility and resistance to work related physical injuries.
  • To offer protection from falling objects, punctures or compression, a tough compound of steel is shaped as a Steel Toe Cap EN-12658 and placed from the toe    to mid sole section of a shoe.
  • While bringing a balance between product use-life and cost, Non-Woven Breathable Lining in Indcare Safety Shoes serve functions such as absorbency, liquid    repellence, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, filtration, use as a bacterial    barrier and sterility.
  • Some of Indcare Safety Shoes are made from the highest quality, Full Grain Leather Upper, that makes the product highly durable and very stylish.
  • Non-Rust Eyelets and Durable Shoelace add more life and improve the look of the safety shoes.

Overall, as the sole are engineered for industrial purpose. In addition to above-mentioned features Indcare Safety Shoes are oil-resistant, heat and acid (chemical & solvent) resistant. They have anti-slip and anti-static properties making it ideal for industrial workforce.